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A mini winter watercolored scene with EvelinT Designs!

Hello there and happy weekend!
Today I'm happy to share a little something something I watercolored..

So I had a little time to craft just for fun and I thought about giving this EvelinT Designs cutie his star moment-ihih!
I took a piece of watercolor paper and I stamped my snowman using a light blue memento drops ink pad. I specifically chose this cause I wanted to create a no-line watercoloring little scene. You could also use the Antic Linen Distress ink and if you'd like the stamped image to be visible instead you should definitely use a water resistent ink like one from the Versafine family. 

Then I watercolored my winter cutie using my Pastel Dreams - Watercolor confections by Prima Marketing ( that are now by Art Philosopy). I love these watercolors, I'm not an expert at all but I always enjoy using them and I'm always having so much fun mixing and matching all the colors to create new ones! 

The real trick here is being very patient or being sure to speed up the drying process with your heat tool at every steps! 
I don't like using the heat tool cause I find it always warp my cardstock so I decided to be very very veeery patient -ihih! 
As everything was dry I added all the details using my watercolors as paints. For the brushes, mine are very very cheap, I found them at what we could call like a local craft store and I'm happy with them. I do recommend at least having 2 tip sizes to start so you can use the very fine one for details and you can also buy more later on if you enjoy some watercolorig!
Or maybe you could ask Santa this Christmas.. that's what I'll do for my watercolors paint if there'll be good sales this black friday!

As everything was completely dry I went in with a white gel pen and added snow dots onto my little scene to create a snowy effect. 
Awww I love this mini watercol piece of art - eheh! 
Hope you like it to and you are now inspired to create something happy!

Please find here down below some of the products I used to make my minin winter scene! 
* please note, I'm sorry If anything is missing here! I love to mix and match new and old goodies :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by today!

Please enjoy my Cardmaking Adventure on * Instagram*! I'll be posting all my little cards,tags and i also can't wait to see all the projects shared in the community! :)

See you soon with another cute project! :)

Have a lovely day ðŸ™‚

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