martedì 16 ottobre 2018

Ellen Hutson - Sale!

Hi there!
Just popping here real quick to update u about a great crafty deal.. Ellen Hutson is having a sale!

Be sure to find the perfect item u're searching for here!

Also here down below u'll find a list of my favorite product that I reah for the most when I make a card and some cool products that just caught my eye!

Basic shapes:


Get Interactive:

Sentimet/Script :

Seasonal :

Goodie Bags, Borders and Designs:

Happy shopping!! 
Please enjoy my Cardmaking Adventure on * Instagram*! I'll be posting all my little cards,tags and i also can't wait to see all the projects shared in the community! :)

See you soon with another cute project! :)
Have an amazing day! 
franci :) 

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