sabato 10 novembre 2018

"The Christmas 2018 Serie - Day 2" : a Fa la la interactive card with Hello Bluebird!

Hello there and happy weekend! 
Today I'm poppin' here real quick to show you this festive interactive card I made with the North Pole Littles set.. here's it!

I saw lots of waterfall cards lately and I loved them so much I knew I had to create my own! 
These little reindeers were just the perfect size and they are in such fun poses and have lovely accessorize that make my card so sweet! 
Here are some more pics for you to enjoy..

Be sure to follow me on * Instagram*! I'll be posting a video with this happy card in action soon! 

Thank u so much for stopping by today and see you soon with another cute project! :)
Have an amazing day! 
franci :)

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