venerdì 19 gennaio 2018

Pastel dreams watercolor bird with Prima!

Finally it's friday guys!! YAY!! 
Today i had so much fun painting this cutie with my new watercolors by Prima for Day 5 of The Daily Marker 30 Day Challege! 

This was a one take and i'm so happy about how it turned out!!
I followed a tutorial on youtube and i painted with the brown colors from the Pastel Dreams palette.
Can't wait to follow more tutorial and improve my watercoloring!! :)

Please enjoy my Coloring Adventure on * Instagram*! I'll be posting all my little coloring hopefully every day and i also can't wait to see all the projects shared in the community! :)

Thank u so much for stopping by, see you soon with another cute project! :)
Have an amazing day! 
franci :)

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  1. Francesca ma che bello! sei bravissima! decisamente diverso dal solito e proprio sorprendente!