sabato 27 agosto 2016

"Let me hug u sweetie candy!" cute bears feat. Ellen Hutson!

Hi there! 
Today i wanna show these super sweet bears i made..! 

I'm in love!! 
This bear by Ellen Hutson is one of my fave and i make all my cuties holding a candy!! :)
Suuuuper sweeet! ihih! :)
I was inspired by the new board at the Ellen Hutson Pin Sight Challenge.. here is it..!

I saw that all those colors match my candy wrappers and here the bride and her bridesmaids are holding a little bouquet of flowers sooo .. here they are my bears! 
I think they are perfect as a little party favor or you can put one in the lunch bag .. they make adults, childrens .. veryone happy! :) 

And they are sooo super funny..that i also love keeping them around the home so my guests can grab a fruity candy! ihih!! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today and have a lovely day! 
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Have an amazing day!
franci :)

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