lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

Just for fun..because i love Tiffany and Lawn fawn!!

Hi there and happy monday!  :)
Soo i have to admit .. what was the first thing i thought when i saw the new Tini Tags by Lawn fawn... well .. this!! 

ahah! I mean i haaave to make one of this charm!! ihih! This makes me giggle sooo much and i looove it! ihih!! 
Of course i was inspired by the super famous collection by Tiffany&CO ..oh i loove all the "Please return to Tiffany&CO New York" little sterling silver 925 hearts i always see in their store and i love their commercials, all the jewellery drawings they published on facebook or youtube and all the mini movies about the productions of their amazing rings! Yeah I'm so fascinated by all things Tiffany &CO!!
So... i have to combine my 2 loves.. Tiffany + Lawn Fawn = happy stuff and maybe i also should say " cheap" ..ahaha! :)
And i also love the " Please return.." thing ..just because i have never been in New York or California so I hope one day i'll visit those beautiful places!! :)
Hope u like my new lucky charm .. It's perfect to brighten our monday.. isn't it?! ihih! 

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Have an amazing day!
franci :) 

2 commenti:

  1. Brava!!! E' bello giocare a volte con le cose che ci piacciono! Chissà se questo Natale mio marito lo farà un giro da Tiffany...

  2. Ahahahah!!! Sei sempre spiritosissima!E' un'ottima idea, ci sto anch'io...